Hating on Crypto-Millionaires

There’s a silly article going around about crypto-millionaires who act like douchebags. “Everyone’s Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not,” the headline says. Better yet is the print headline: “Meet Your Masters.”

This is what me and my coworkers look like every day.

Yes yes, the goal is to make cypherpunk people seem as obnoxious as possible. The author did a great job unearthing the most repugnant techbros alive and portraying them as exemplars of the industry. Now that we’ve stacked the court of public opinion, we can all root for Bitcoin’s failure together.

Sheesh. What did Bitcoin ever do to you, NY Times columnist?

I suspect this is the result of NY Times’ prohibition on cryptoasset ownership. As much as I want to believe that journalists are aspirational ascetics who put vocational interests over financial ones…

Some of these reporters have been covering crypto since 2012! Can you imagine having the foresight to analyze bitcoin at $20, but not the wherewithal to put any skin in the game? How does it feel to sit on the sidelines for half a decade while dumb kids become disgustingly rich through no effort or talent of their own??

Let’s be honest: I would be bitter too. And I would want to portray the industry in as ugly a light as possible. Look, everyone has their biases; at least I’m honest about my lack of journalistic integrity.

Maybe it’s time for financial media to get off their moral high horse. You guys don’t have to go out of your way to invest in bitcoin; it can be as simple as holding out a Bitcoin begging bowl (Generate a paper wallet here). Crypto-millionaires tend to be a generous bunch. Get in step while there’s still time left, before the parade passes by, and so on. Really, the crypto people aren’t so bad.

The libertarian cypherpunk crypto-millionaires voted for Bernie. How bad could they be??

Disclosure: I’ve never bought crypto, and have no plans to do so in the future. Any bitcoin that I have was acquired through the trade of goods and services. Believe it or not, there’s a whole economy of human beings who spend bitcoin like cash.

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  1. I used to mine bitcoins with my graphics cards back in the day. I do not think I ever got more than six bucks for one. I cashed them all out with Mt.Gox, before they got hacked. I never needed so little money, but I figured that I had to do something with them. Whoops.

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