The World’s Greatest Troll

I had been thinking that any day now, Donald Trump will check himself into rehab and everything will all make sense. Nate Silver provides a better explanation: Donald Trump is the World’s Greatest Troll.

Trolls will do anything for attention. Trump is getting more media coverage now than any other candidate. As people share his outrageous statements, news articles get more page views, and journalists are prompted to write more articles about him.

We all know the number one rule of the internet is Don’t Feed the Trolls. But Trump is an expert media whore and it’s hard to resist. Hell, even I’m writing a blog post about him. Bleah.

If any good has come from all this, it’s that Trump’s disparaging comments about Senator John McCain inspired me to read McCain’s war memoir. The book describes McCain’s 5+ years in a Hanoi prison camp, having his bones shattered and broken and rebroken in daily beatings. After reading this I feel like I can’t complain about any injustice in my life ever again.

John McCain being welcomed by President Richard Nixon in 1973. (Us Navy)
John McCain being welcomed by President Richard Nixon in 1973. (Us Navy)

And by the way, the imprisonment isn’t what makes McCain a war hero. What made him a war hero was his refusal to betray the military Code of Conduct or disclose information during those five years of torture.

Thanks Donald!


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