To Conserve Water, Stop Eating

Restaurants aren’t allowed to offer water to patrons anymore. Not in California, anyway. Drought and stuff. This regulation was passed back in March, but I only learned about it today because I never go to restaurants.

My coworkers were at a restaurant celebrating the departure of an employee*. I asked why the state would enforce such a stupid rule. I mean, I waste way more washing my hair. A glass of water is nothing.

This is how much water it takes to make your food.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.48.05 AM

That is sort of what I had for lunch. So I wasted 265 gallons of water while the restaurant saved 8 ounces.

My boss said that’s not the point. The point is to get the water conservation message out by setting an example.

Point taken. I’m not going to stop washing my hair, but I’ll stop flushing the toilet 🙂 Conserve water, kids!

This is a Cool Tool: How much water is used to produce your food? –LA Times

*Wait, that didn’t come out right. Is a farewell supposed to be a celebration? Or is it more like a mourning, because our engineering team just shrank by a quarter? Is it a farewell if the departing employee doesn’t bother to show up? Hm.
Anyway, for those who like Bitcoin stuff, we’re hiring!

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