Corporations are People, My Friend


There are now flyers springing up around SOMA denouncing Peter Shih and his Y-Combinator-backed startup.

Last week, Peter published a rant on Medium describing everything he hates about San Francisco. The public transportation sucks, there are homeless people on the streets, the girls are ugly, and so on. We all feel very sorry for you, Peter.

Unfortunately for Peter, the city of San Francisco now hates him back. As if launching a startup wasn’t hard enough, Peter just shot his company in the face. His teammates must be thrilled.

In the end, corporations are people too. Apple was Steve Jobs, Amazon is Jeff Bezos, and Yahoo is now Marissa Mayer. Celery is Peter Shih.

Peter has since taken down his post, and I’m sure he learned an important lesson as well: Don’t publicly hate on the city in which you’re trying to start a company.

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