The Cannabis Fund

The US marijuana market is estimated at $50 billion — substantially smaller than the tobacco industry, but less likely to kill its users with cancer. And with the way legislation is heading, the market should grow at a healthy pace.

Weed users are an underserved market segment and there are many opportunities waiting to be exploited. A new cannabis-focused private equity fund is now receiving investor pitches.

Here are some business ideas that I hope someone invests in.

  • Weed chia pets so you can get your kids to grow weed for you
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Piracetam as a supplement to counteract marijuana-induced mental retardation
  • Delivery service for Cheetos, m&m’s, and gummy bears
  • Arboretum set up to look like Alice in Wonderland


The audacity of dope — The Economist

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