Carpe Diem

When I was a lowly grad student, my advisor set me up with a summer internship and said to me, “You may not get to work on anything interesting at [unnamed employer], but take as much as you can from your experience.” I assumed he meant pencils, staplers, notebooks, coffee, whiteboard markers, USB drives… oh, I got the idea alright. Any pencil I don’t take is a pencil I have to BUY in the future! And they probably weren’t paying me enough anyway.

Microsoft’s Carpal Tunnels-inducing Arc Mouse

Last week I got my company to order this for me. It’s a crazy bendy mouse. Cool, huh? I complained that the old Dell mouse that came with my computer was aggravating my Carpal Tunnels’, which I suddenly decided I have. I also requested a new chair for my newly-discovered lower back pain. If this job isn’t going to provide me with any personal fulfillment, it sure as hell better give me some good office supplies.

The sad part is, this mouse sucks. Freaking Microsoft, what were they thinking with this Arc Mouse? Who the hell uses a mouse with their wrist contorted in a bend like that?? If I didn’t have Carpal Tunnels’ before, I’ll probably get it now.

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