The Importance of Stop-Loss Mechanisms

An excerpt from one guy’s account of what it was like to work at Lehman Brothers:

“Would you rather have someone shit on your face, but then be able to spend the day however you please, or would you rather go to work today?” Eventually the answer for all of us was unequivocally, “Shit on the face.” So something I know now: When you’d rather have someone shit on your face than go to work, it’s probably time to leave.

When starting a job or relationship or anything that requires an investment of time, it’s always good to have a stop-loss mechanism in place. Some sort of metric to indicate when to get out. Although, things would really have to be abysmal before I might be willing to get shat on. I imagine that most people would choose to set their stop-loss threshold a bit lower. Maybe these guys were German, I don’t know.

My Time at Lehman –nickchirls