Never Argue with a Nocoiner

Has it been 2 months already? Nothing knocks me out of my drug-induced inertia like a Bitcoin bear market. Cuz I can’t afford drugs anymore.

More recently, a Bari-Weiss substack blogger accused me and Bitstein of “an expressed {sic} refusal to report anything negative” about Bitcoin.

It’s not so much a refusal to report, as a refusal to engage. Remember, Never Argue with a Nocoiner. Treat them as you would a child throwing a tantrum: Remain calm, validate their feelings, and let them wear themselves out. Don’t try to negotiate or argue, don’t reward the behavior with attention, and definitely avoid being seen with them in public.

Bitcoiners constantly underestimate Nocoiner obstinacy. It is 2021. If you see someone still spouting off about Bitcoin energy consumption, it should serve as a red flag like a well-dressed youth approaching your door with a Watchtower magazine. This is not someone to be reasoned with.

Debunking the latest Bitcoin FUD will just create a vacuum to be filled with even dumber FUD. This blogger wrote a screed about Bitcoin energy consumption only to have his misconceptions soundly dispelled by Nic Carter. The FUDster’s response?

That is a sequence of words that doesn’t make any sense in the English language. The type of thing that makes “Quantum cipher cracking” or “Death spiral” look downright reasonable.

If Bitcoin is toxic masculinity, then Nocoining is toxic femininity. By which I mean, emotional manipulation through sophistry. Before you accuse me of sexism, remember that this comment is no more sexist than Holthaus’s allegation that impeccable logic is masculine.

Nocoiners are too cowardly to fight their own battles, so they fling negative-sounding labels to exploit emotional triggers and shift public sentiment. It’s reputation destruction rather than rational debate.

Anyway, Bitcoiners are constantly discussing potential failure modes; it’s just that Nocoiners are too stupid to understand them. If my sober streak continues, we’ll discuss another one next week.