Dynamism (part 2)

A reader points out that the Axis powers suffered an oil embargo during WWII, forcing Japan and Italy to develop fuel-efficient vehicles. (Meanwhile, the Nazis figured out synthetic fuel.) The technologies that enable fuel efficiency lend well to high performance race bikes and sports cars, where power-to-weight ratio determines cornering speed. Hence the overrepresentation of Axis powers on Superbike and F1 podiums.

On the other hand, NASCAR has long been dominated by US auto manufacturers, with Chevy, Ford, and Dodge racking up the most historical wins. See, American engineers can build fine cars if they put their minds to it! Lol just kidding: NASCAR members banned foreign vehicles from participation to avoid competing with superior cars. Toyota was finally allowed to race in 2004, after complaining that all the “American” cars were made in Mexico anyway.

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