Chinese Cancel Culture

Every time the anti-Sinitic Sinophobes start frothing over some horrible China thing, I’m reminded of this meme:

This week, censorious commies suspended NBA broadcasts over an impolitic tweet, then banned South Park for making fun of said events. We act like China has some top-down centralized control over speech and politics, but that’s not how things work over there. Americans can’t fathom that Chinese citizens are capable of any sort of agency or independent thought.

You think our SJWs are bad? China has them in spades. Social justice is, after all, rooted in communism. China’s morally righteous warriors are legitimately offended that the Houston Rockets would express support for (what they believe to be) violent extremists in Hong Kong. No it doesn’t have to be sane or rational; SJWs never are.

So a few crybullies threw a stink and got the NBA canceled. It’s no different from that time Chinese financial institutions threatened to cut ties with UBS after one of their staffers inadvertently said something about “Chinese pigs”.

Cancel culture is great. The government claims neutrality while the brainwashed youth stamp out politically inconvenient opinions. We should be friends with China; we’re more alike than different.

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6 thoughts on “Chinese Cancel Culture

  1. Your psychological insight really helps, but there is no remedy for this if “we” talk in this sociocentric manner or believe in things that do not exist. Tribalism is very ingrained. I understand you but I do not feel included, and it is this feeling that produces the alienation you criticise.

  2. Subsequent news articles indicate parts of the Chinese Government e.g. foreign office support the need for NBA to make an apology. Apparently a rather standard format exists to do so. So far NBA is not going to follow the script. Chinese have no adequate substitute basketball teams to import.

    1. this is not unique to china. Foreign countries demand apologies from each other all the time for the sake of national pride ( Trudeau went through this with Saudi Arabia last year.

      I’m not familiar with Chinese basketball, nor do I understand why they have any interest in the NBA at all. How much time do Americans spend watching Chinese ppl play badminton or ping pong?

      1. My comment was prompted by your post indicating the Chinese government was taking a “neutral” stance which they eventually did not.
        Chinese interest in US basketball was prompted by Chinese citizen Yao Ming who became great star in US for Houston Rockets of current controversy and perhaps other teams.

        1. ah, that strikes me as odd too. American figureheads have said all sorts of offensive things about China over the years (Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Tiananmen, etc), and China has generally let it slide. Yet this HK comment was such a big deal that the foreign office demands an apology? That makes no sense.

          I suspect that public sentiment has been artificially amplified on both sides, as it conveniently coincides with trade talks.

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