Epstein’s Kompromat

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that anyone associated with Jeffrey Epstein has diddled underaged girls and there’s compromising video hidden away somewhere. Everyone’s thinking it, and the assumption has gotta be more often right than wrong.

Now, if the blackmail theory is true — if Jeffrey Epstein was in fact using young girls as a honeypot to ensnare powerful people to do his bidding — wouldn’t we have seen some of the “collateral” by now? Extortion only works if the threat is credible, which means that noncompliant targets must have their sex tapes released to serve as a warning to others.

Wait a minute. Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert… there’s a long list of prominent politicians taken down by inopportune sex scandals. Were they the ones who refused to yield to their blackmailers?

We may never know. None of them can stand up and shout “I’m a patsy!” because those who attempt to out the extortionists tend to go the way of Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and Aaron Swartz (maybe). That’s the difference between Ted Kennedy and all the other Kennedys.

Earlier this year, Jeff Bezos published a Medium post accusing The National Enquirer of blackmail. The gossip rag had gotten ahold of some Bezos dick pics and threatened to expose said pics unless Bezos affirmed that The Enquirer’s reporting was not politically motivated.

By coming forward, Bezos suffered a mild indignity over the dick pics — But that was immediately forgotten as he was celebrated as a hero of democracy. (Apparently The National Enquirer doesn’t have the ability to “suicide” their enemies.)

The Spitzers and Weiners resigned in shame, but maybe we’re wrong to denounce them. Maybe these are the guys who had the balls to say No to the blackmailers. Instead of ruining their lives, we should applaud their moral righteousness! Sure they might be pervy predators, but who isn’t these days? That’s practically a prerequisite for success! No, it’s the squeaky-clean ones who draw the most suspicion. Any successful person who hasn’t been taken down by a sex scandal must be exceptionally good at satisfying their handlers.

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3 thoughts on “Epstein’s Kompromat

  1. The evidence seized by the feds will likely be lost along with a long line of evidence implicating wealthy people throughout history. We are just as bad as any 3rd world banana republic. Take your pick.

    1. It’ll come out a few decades from now, long after society has normalized pedophilia, and people will see it as a no big deal. In fact, we’ll probably see Epstein as some sort of martyr, unfairly persecuted by anti-pedo bigots. Kind of like how we now think it’s no big deal that J Edgar Hoover was a homosexual, even though in the 60s that kind of thing would destroy a career.

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