I’ve seen this car four times in a little over a week, in four different locations. At first I thought, nahh, it couldn’t possibly be the same car. Maybe chrome wrap jobs are becoming a Thing and I’m seeing several different cars. But aughh, those rims!

In the process of minding my own business, I’ve acquired enough information to guess where the car’s owner works. It’s only a guess, because I can’t believe anyone would drive to work in this thing. I’ve seen where he does his banking. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen where he lives. At this point it would be easy to plan a burglary (but I’m not going to do that!)

I live in a dense urban area; there are probably many cars that I pass just as regularly. They simply aren’t noticeable because they look like all the other cars. Driving a factory stock Prius in the Bay Area is the equivalent of browsing the web through Tor. If there are any arguments to be made for commuting in an ostentatious vehicle, I have yet to understand them.

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