Podcast Transcript: Carol Loomis

The interview with Carol Loomis is awesome, according to the internet. Loomis worked at Fortune for 60 years and is Warren Buffett’s best friend (probably after Charlie Munger?).

This transcript doesn’t do the podcast justice, but it’s the next best thing if you have to be pretend-working. Or, just put on headphones and act like you’re concentrating really hard on some code for the next hour.

Longform Podcast #152: Carol Loomis –Longform

Got a very exciting podcast for you today. I interviewed Carol Loomis Carol Loomis retired last year after more than sixty years at Fortune magazine. To put it in perspective the career she had she won a lifetime achievement award in 1993 and then just kept working for another twenty years she’s she’s amazing she’s amazing she also just happens to be Warren Buffett’s best friend. They talk on the phone every day she’s edited every one of his annual reports for forty years. She’s just amazing and she came to us she sat in the chair you’re sitting in right now and she talked about all of it and it was great.

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