How Tech Companies Can Solve Their Diversity Problem


Pinterest is an app whose users are 85% women, and whose engineers are 88% men. Apparently this second part is a problem, so they want to hire more women and ethnic minorities.

Quite frankly, I’m amazed that an app for housewives and mommy bloggers could hire any men at all. If Pinterest has trouble hiring women, the other tech companies are hosed.

The solution isn’t to increase recruiting. Silicon Valley can barely house its residents as it is. Tech employees are living in stacked shipping containers stuffed into warehouses for lack of affordable housing, FFS.

I have a better idea. Tech companies should just fire half their white and Asian males to increase diversity. Gender ratio solved. Plus firing keeps the remaining staff on their toes. They’ll work harder knowing they might be next on the chopping block.

Look, we all know that engineers don’t work that hard*. Facebook is built like a small-scale model of Disneyland and Google is a large-scale replica of Pee-wee’s Playhouse. These aren’t productivity hacks, people. Pinterest can’t possibly need a team of 89 engineers to build an app for middle-aged women to save food pictures.

Facebook's campus arcade
Facebook’s campus arcade

And don’t worry about the fired employees. There are enough companies in the area looking to hire ANYONE, let alone women and ethnic minorities. Those ex-employees will end up at Slack or some YC-backed drone company. And everyone will live diversely ever after.

*Not at my company, of course. Everyone in my office works super duper hard. Nevermind the fact that this blog post materialized in the middle of the work day.

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