Top 10 Disruptive Themes for Web Investors in 2014

Bob Peck’s Top 10 Disruptive Themes for 2014:

1. Transformation of Transportation. Same-day delivery, on-demand transportation, and Barnacle.

2. Local Commerce Personalization. Targeted, location-based advertising.

3. Payments. Mobile services and Bitcoin.

4. Wearables. A new way for marketers to spy on you.

5. Cloud Adoption. More towards services, productivity tools, and utility.

6. Non-Human Communication. Internet of things, machines talking directly to machines.

7. Advertising. Advertisers will seek new ways of engagement.

8. Video. Video advertising is just beginning, we will see more creation and
distribution of video through services like Amazon and Netflix.

9. Sharing Economy. Watch for blossoming new industries and potential side businesses for incumbent industries.

10. The Ephemeral Graph. Dynamic social graph due to Snapchat.

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