Offshore Bank Accounts for Tax Evasion

San Pedro, Belize. Come for the coconuts. Stay for the tax haven.

Belize, Panama, Seychelles, Cyprus, and the Cayman Islands are not only fantastic holiday destinations, they also feature governments that aren’t excessively nosy about what businesses are incorporated within their jurisdiction.

Yesterday, the NY Times printed this very informative guide to setting up an offshore bank account for minimizing tax exposure:

My Big Fat Belizean, Singaporean Bank Account

I am only propagating this information to help stimulate ideas for the prevention of tax evasion, of course. I would never condone or partake in such antisocialist behavior. Also, I really like putting up pictures of places I would rather be than at work 🙂
Here’s another one:

Hahaha. Okay, okay, just kidding. Back on topic.

If I were super rich, I too would prefer to waste my money on a Belizean financial advisor instead of having it go to the federal government, where 85% of it will fund crap that I find ethically repugnant.

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