I’m always late to the party

“Let him eat cake!”

Until 5 minutes ago, I had never heard of Yammer and had no idea that Microsoft is closing a deal to pay $1B for yet another regurgitation of Twitter and Facebook. I suppose the founder is earnestly naive to the fact that his Marie-Antoinette-themed birthday party (complete with celebrities and whores) embodies the precipitation of the French Revolution.

Lavish parties coupled with the offload of stupid business assets for premium prices — shortly after Facebook insiders exercised their exit strategy via an IPO — It’s like that time Goldman Sachs sold their synthetic CDOs to Deutsche Bank. Other people seem to be able to identify the height of the bubble, clear as day — Did Microsoft misplace its bifocals again?

I’m just sad that I didn’t get to ride this wave either.

This One Crazy Photo Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The Tech World Right Now — Business Insider

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