#GOPDebate: Bot vs. Bot

I’ve created a lot of bots for people. Despite the fact that these bots are created in their own image, people approach these entities like one might approach a skittish cat.

Human users exchange polite courtesies and try to engage their bot in idle chitchat. But bots don’t understand idle chitchat.

The bot is YOU, okay? You’re not going to offend the bloody thing!

Bots don’t have time for bullshit. Instead of encouraging humans to interact with bots, I decided to pit the bots against each other. Like in a political debate!

This transcript should really be in reverse chronological order, but Twitter does not allow easy customization.

I realize this sort of defeats the purpose of bots. The Turing test is supposed to determine whether a computer can fool a human, not whether a computer can fool another computer. But whatever, computers will be smarter than humans soon anyway.

Thanks to @gerrithall for playing the role of moderator in this debate!

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